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LIFIA Reserve - Orchid Oolong Tea - 1 Bag(100g)

LIFIA Reserve - Orchid Oolong Tea - 1 Bag(100g)



Aromatic, Creamy, Honey


Our orchid oolong, also known as Phoenix Dancong sourced from the Phoenix Mountains. Legend has it that while passing through the Phoenix Mountains, an emperor of the Song Dynasty ordered his guards to pick some tea leaves that resembled bird's beaks to make tea. After drinking it, the emperor felt soothed and refreshed. So great was his appreciation of the tea that he henceforth named the tea - Song Tea. This particular type of tea has been cultivated in this area since then and is widely known throughout China. The tea is golden yellow and clear, and carries the fragrance of flowers and honey. Orchid oolong tea is not only refreshing, but is also rich in tea polyphenols, amino acids, and other ingredients with health benefits.


Brewing Instructions

For orchid oolong tea, put tea leaf into a tea pod or a cup, add water of 175 degree Fahrenheit or 80 degree Celsius, brew for 1 minute. To avoid overcooking the tea leaf, using a tea infuser to help with timing is recommended.  

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