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LIFIA Tea Sampler-Year of the Rabbit Edition, Zested Tea, Green Tea, Orchid Tea

LIFIA Tea Sampler-Year of the Rabbit Edition, Zested Tea, Green Tea, Orchid Tea

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, LIFIA Tea brings to you our second tea sampler. In this set, we include three carefully selected teas.



Zested tea is a new creation of premium tea. It was made by inserting pu'er tea into a whole hollowed-out tangerine peel, and dry together. The two ingredients enhance each other, creating a unique smooth and aromatic taste. 

  • Zested, Sweet, Soothing



Our green tea leaves make very clear and bright color tea. Its light and smooth taste, brings you relax and joy.

  • Light, Fresh, Refreshing



Our orchid tea is an oolong tea grown and made in southern China coastal mountain. Also called Phoenix Dancong. It's a high mountain oolong, well known for its natural floral fragrance. 

  • Aromatic, Creamy, Honey


Brewing Instructions


For Zested Tea, remove the wrapping paper, put the whole zested tea ball into a tea pod, add boiling water, bloom for 10 seconds, discard the bloom pour, to "waken the tea", add boiling water, steep for 1-2 minutes. Tea is ready to serve. A zested tea ball is good for 4-8 servings.

For Green Tea, add tea leaves in to a tea pod or a cup, with or without teabag, add boiling water, brew for 1 minute. Your tea is ready.


For Orchid Oolong Tea, put tea leaf into a tea pod or a cup, add water of 175 degree Fahrenheit or 80 degree Celsius, brew for 1 minute. To avoid overcooking the tea leaf, using a tea infuser to help with timing is recommended.  

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