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Premium Black Tea

Our current samplings of tea include Yinghong #9 which is famous throughout China as being one of the four great black teas. It was further made famous as it was the tea of choice of the Queen of England.

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Yellow Tea
Yellow Tea

Premium Green Tea

Green tea has been long since consumed as the primary tea in China due to it's smooth finish and fragrant aroma. Green tea is well known for it's various health benefits as well as acting as a palette cleanser.

Premium Flowering Tea

The flowering tea is somewhat of a recent invention of tea, and can be an expression of creativity of the producer. It is unique in that once hot water is added to the pot with the flowering tea bud, one can witness the tea bloom into a magnificent flower.

Brewing Tea
Yellow Tea

Zested Tea

Pu'er tea is one of the most popular collectible teas in China, and coudl be almost compared to fine wine. Plenty of people trade pu'er tea where prices reaches tens of thousands. To us, it would be a shame not to offer pu'er tea in our lineup. Here we have a more unique offering where the tea was dried and fermented inside of a mandarin peel. This allows the entire pot of tea to have notes of citrus that lifts the pu'er flavor substantially. We have thus named this tea - Zested tea!

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Jasmine Oolong Tea

A lineup of Chinese teas wouldn't feel complete without the inclusion of Jasmine or Oolong. Here, we've included both in a blend as we feel each tea enhances the overall ending flavor profile. This particular blend has the characteristic tastes of traditional half-fermented oolong, as well as the fragrance and slight sweetness of Jasmine.

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